This project was a collaboration between Harmony’s investigation into the undocumented narratives of Māori wāhine in World War One and Lachie’s exploration into generative design and embodied interaction. 

Kauhanga (sacred passageway) is spatial interface that facilitates an embodied experience through an indigenous mode of storytelling. The Kinect sensor gives access to the unseen spectrum of infrared light. This technology allows a blurring of the boundaries between the physical and non physical. 

Integral to a Māori framework is the reality of these two realms Te Ao Kikkiko (realm of the physical) and Te Ao Wairua (realm of the spiritual) as inherently interconnected. 

As energies pass through the auidence's digital shadows they activate sounds. These small clips represent the incomplete narratives of the Māori wāhine. The imagery is generated through a series of algorithms that respond dynamically to the audience's movements.

Kuahanga won gold in the Student Ngā Aho category and bronze in Student Spatial category in the 2016 Best Awards.
From the judges of the 2016 Best Awards:
"Kauhanga provides a visceral experience through an immersive collision of modern technology with traditional sentiment that is both playful and engaging."
"Kauhanga gives us a glimpse of the future experiential design that is far beyond the static and didactic modes of last millennia."