Open Lab is a design studio that is known for emergent design thinking. Experienced design professionals, academics, graduates and students collaborate as multi-disciplinary teams to solve problems and create innovative design solutions. A dynamic identity was developed to set the studio apart.

The Open Lab symbol is dubbed ‘the gear’. It is representative of the Lab’s adaptive approach to design thinking and constant flux of student and graduate talent, and comes in many forms—all based on a number of simple rules and constraints. All permutations, having derived from the same set of rules, are a part of the same Open Lab family. The new system allows for dynamic application with more freedom to play and experiment, while maintaining a fresh and modern look.

This work was a finalist in the New Zealand Best Awards 2016.
The Logo System
The gear itself is generated on a specific grid. Three primary stroke forms (pink, yellow and blue) are connected at points on the grid, with a multipy effect to create the other colours upon crossover. These anchors are placed in random points in every permutation. While the system is not perfect in producing gears that all related to each other as a ‘visual family’, there are a few rules in deciding which permutations are part of the family.

1.   A balance of colours including blue, pink, yellow, red, purple, green
2.   No points fall on top of each other
3.   Colour order of yellow joins to pink, which joins to blue